Service with a difference

Your goods are precious and the transportation service has to be aligned with the safety, security, and conditions needed for them to reach their target destination.


At JD Group of Companies, we plan for all aspects of load planning and not just the delivery itself. We want to ensure that right from the quote stage, we have a process in place to provide consistent transportation services that match high quality and great satisfaction levels. With any additional equipment that may be needed to secure the load, protect it against environment hazards or simply enable team drivers for faster deliveries – we address all such needs.

JD Group Dry VAN services

DRY VAN services

Electronic items, dry food products, packaging materials, products affected by moisture, or just regular shipments – these are best served by our Dry VAN department.

reefer services

Frozen or fresh foods such as ice creams, produce, meats, and various other temperature affected items need special care and continuous monitoring of temperature. We take care of such requirements.

Fresh Produce
JD Group - Reefer Service
JD Group - Flat Bed Services

Flat Bed services

You have irregular size items to be shipped, and we have the fleet/equipment to do so. From flat bed, step deck, triple B or other such requirements we ensure that all such shipments are properly safeguarded and transported to their destination. Our drivers receive special training for such deliveries.